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In recent years, stair chair lifts designed for the home have become very popular. These stair lifts are designed for both internal and external use so you can continue to utilize your whole home.

The thought of installing a stair lift chair may be an expensive proposition, however, when you compare the installation cost to the cost of moving to a single story home, it can turn out to be considerably less expensive.

A chair for stairs is an electronically or battery operated mechanical lift system that is attached to a set of steps. It does not attach to the wall thus preventing damage to your walls. It provides access to the upper level of a home using a track system that is attached to the outside walls of the steps or to the steps themselves. A chair specifically designed to fit in the track will glide up the track and allow anyone with limited mobility the freedom to access each level of the home.

If you are considering a stair chair lift for outdoor use, it mainly consists of a carriage with a power or manual folding hinge track and bridging platform to carry the disabled or elderly person. Some stair lifts come with dedicated batteries to ensure safe, dependable operation even during power outages.

Whether you are considering an Acorn Stairlift or another well-recognized brand, be certain to study each model for the features and benefits that they provide.

A chair for stairs is something you may want to consider if you, or a member of your family, are finding it difficult to climb the stairs without assistance. It will be a wonderful asset in any home where you or a loved one has issues with mobility.

For many people, having a stair lift chair allows them to retain independence and dignity, which they may otherwise not feel.
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Stair Chair Lift

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This article was published on 2010/11/21