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Instead of buying a new chair, it may be best to repair the office chair you already have. You may spend a little bit of time depending on the repair. However, money can be saved in the long run by conducting simple maintenance.

Wheel Casters
Having a hard time rolling or steering the chair straight means that it is time to have the wheels of your chair repaired. Examine the casters by turning over the chair. There could be an object such as a small rock that could hinder the chairs movement. Another factor could be entangled hair or threads. Whatever the object is, simply remove it. If you cannot find the object, you may have to detach the wheels. Taking off the wheels can help you find objects better than when the wheels are on. Afterward, clean around the wheels and legs of the chair with a lubricant. Have the wheels turning while using the lubricant for even distribution. Make sure to also lubricate the rod of the wheel as well as the hole it goes into.

Chair Cover
Having a ripped or stained fabric on an office chair can devalue the look of the chair. Putting a cover over the damage can solve the problem as well give the chair a new look. There are several tutorials online to learn how to put one on yourself. You would simply purchase the fabric, cut it, and sew/staple the new fabric over the old. However, there are options to also buy one at the store or have someone put it on for you professionally.

Gas Cylinder
There are several warning signs which can inform you when to replace your gas cylinder. After using the lever to raise the height of the seat, you may notice the chair lowering when you sit in it. The next warning sign is when the seat raises or lowers on its own without the lever being used. Another sign to look for is when nothing happens using the height adjustment lever. This may cause your seat to be stuck in a low or high position. The reasons behind these defects are faulty seals and gas escaping the cylinder.

Other problems such as loose backs and armrests can be fixed by tightening the bolts/screws/ turnstile. If the bolts are too hard to turn, spray lubricant on them to loosen them up. Replace stripped bolts immediately so future tightening can be fixed easily.

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Office Chair Repair

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This article was published on 2010/03/30