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Have you ever wanted to rest your head while continuing to do your work? More than likely, the office chair you have does not have a headrest to rest your weary head. However, office chair headrests do exist on today's office chair. It is just of matter of where you look to find one.

Some could say that the headrest goes back as far as ancient Egypt from the beginning of the Old Kingdom to support the head of a person while they slept. The main purpose of a headrest is to provide comfort and safety. The typical office chair headrest is height adjustable, cushioned for comfort, and has the same kind of material as the rest of the chair. Take the necessary time to adjust your headrest. Use the height adjustment to line the top of the headrest with the top of the occupant's head. The chair headrest should not be placed behind your neck. If positioned correctly, you should have a more relaxed posture that helps relieve the pressure on your postural muscles which can decrease fatigue and increase comfort.

There are different types of chairs with headrest. It seems the main types of chairs with headrests for the office are mesh chairs. However, headrests began to appear in automobile seats in the late 21st century. Now there are office chairs that are made as if the chair was taken from well known automobile manufacturers' such as Mercedes Benz and put directly into the office environment. They even have the car companies' trademark logo on the headrest. These headrests consist of a curved upper section which supports the occupant's head on top of a flattened base just as those in a car would.

If you are feeling tension in your neck, consider getting a chair with a headrest. It could relieve some of the stress on your body while you continue to be productive. There are also a variety of chairs to choose from which can be that perfect addition to the office environment. Be creative and enjoy your headrest.

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Office Chair Headrest

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This article was published on 2010/03/31