Embody Chair Or Aeron Chair?

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If you are stuck with an 8-hour job that requires you to sit in front of a computer for the duration of the said time frame, then, you probably usually suffer from back pain and fatigue with your ordinary office chair. To add to that, you probably also have a low morale and non-existent enthusiasm for your job. Surely an expensive, comfortable and good-looking office chair would do you and your body lots of good.

Just imagine the inconvenience a regular office chair with a hard seat and an uncomfortable build and figure would give your back, your bottom as well as your legs. Those kinds of inconveniences will hinder you from concentrating on your job. There are two available office chairs that will save you from that dilemma: the Aeron chair and the Embody chair from office furniture designer Herman Miller, Inc.

Aeron Chair
The Aeron chair has a Pellicle Suspension System that supports your back and helps align your spine thereby improving your posture. It has an ergonomic design that allows the chair to provide several health benefits for its user such as improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, reduced discomfort and increased morale and productivity. It is at the same time functional, meaning, it can move as naturally as possible and can support any position or posture the user assumes. It is beneficial to the environment in the sense that it can be recycled and uses minimal natural resources. It accommodates and fits any body type like a pair of snug gloves.

The Aeron chair has received several recognitions and awards one of which is being placed in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. Also, it has been awarded a gold award in the Designs of the Decade category for office furniture from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week. A usual complaint about the Aeron chair is that it only supports the back up to the shorter blades.

Embody Chair
The Embody chair is the successor of the Aeron chair. It has brand new and revolutionary technology like the Pixelated Support which allows the chair to conform to the user's every movement thereby spreading weight evenly. It also has a specially designed covering which resembles the human skin and allows the user's body to cool and breathe. It also sports a Back Fit technology that supports the natural curve of the spine thereby improving the user's posture.

The Embody chair answered the problem of the Aeron chair's lack of support for the back via its narrow backseat.

Though both are revolutionary, the Embody chair is clearly an improvement over its predecessor. The narrow backseat which gives full support for the back unlike that of the Aeron chair which extends only up to the shoulder blades, won us over. Though the Embody chair is relatively new and hasn't achieved the status of the Aeron chair, we are confident that it will quickly follow the steps of its predecessor.

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Embody Chair Or Aeron Chair?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31